The Roof Group, LLC, Roofing Contractors, Atlanta, GA

The Roof Group offers a full line of services that cover all your roofing needs from:

Roof Replacement

Roof Leak Repair

New Construction Roofs

Roof Tune-Ups

Chimney Flashing

Gutter Install/Replacements

Insurance Claims due to Wind/Hail


Your roof is the part of your home that is the most vulnerable; it takes the brunt of the weather day in and day out. A roof inspection should be performed periodically even if you have a new roof and annual routine maintenance. Clearing debris from downspouts and gutters will help extend the life of your roof and ensure that water drains the right way and doesn’t get stuck and start to expand and contract, especially in the colder months.Type your paragraph here.

Small problems turn into big problems quickly, do not ignore them.  If you see your roof is cracking, buckling, has surface bubbles or even missing shingles, you need to call The Roof Group for a free inspection of your roof.

Should a roof need replacement or repair, The Roof Group will manage your project from start to finish using only the highest quality materials that are up to local, state and federal codes.

During your free evaluation, we evaluate all the areas of your roof to ensure you don't have water damage, leaks, or any other failures in your roof.

Our friendly and professional crew will get the job done for you on schedule so you can get back to your life and enjoy a safe and secure roof over your head again.Type your paragraph here.